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IndiePubs is an online bookstore where readers of independently published books can connect directly with the publishers they love. 

Our goal at IndiePubs is to provide a platform for a community that supports diverse voices, the presses who publish them, and the readers who love their books. 

When you shop at IndiePubs, you not only discover great books that might not otherwise be front and center; your purchases also more substantially support those independent presses and the authors with whom they work by buying directly from them, allowing them to further thrive.

Regardless of whether they focus on crime fiction, nature writing, literature in translation, or any of the myriad categories and subgenres that dot the book publishing landscape, independent publishers and are at the vanguard of unearthing new talents and sparking cultural innovation. They sustain the literary world by taking creative risks, unearthing out-of-print gems, and by ensuring that every type of voice has a chance to be heard.

We hope that you find that, through IndiePubs, you have the best opportunity yet to sustain publishers in their endeavor to make sure all readers have access to the broadest range of stories, styles, and perspectives possible. We're adding more publishers and books to our vibrant literary community every week. 

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