IndiePubs Site FAQs: 

Q: How can I check the status of an order? 

A: Via your account login page. If you have lost access to the email associated with your account and need to check on the status of your order, please contact us via email at

Q: What payment methods do you support?

A: IndiePubs supports payment via Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards as well as through ShopPay and Google Pay. 


Q: Under what circumstances can I receive a refund? 

A: You can receive a refund when:

  • An order or item is undelivered.
  • The wrong item is delivered. 
  • An order or item arrives damaged. 
  • You are delivered a defective item. 


Q: How can I return an order? 

A: Returns must include a copy of the original invoice and should be sent to:

IndiePubs Returns
191 Edwards Drive
Jackson, TN 38301

You can contact us with regards to a return and/or refund here

Q: How long do I have to return a book?

A: You can return a book up to 30 days from the day your order was delivered. 

Q: How can I track my order shipment? 

A: We will email you a tracking number once your order has shipped; it may take a day or two for the carrier to provide tracking information after the number has been generated. If you cannot find your order shipment email, you can also find tracking information in your IndiePubs account login page.

Q: I have two promo codes, can I apply them both to my order?

A: You can only apply one promo code to each IndiePubs order. 

Q: Can I cancel or modify an order after it has been placed?

A: IndiePubs cannot cancel or modify an order once it has been received. 

Q: How long will it take to process a refund?

A: Please allow up to 14 days for a refund to be processed by IndiePubs; once you receive emailed confirmation of your refund, it may take a few days for the refund credit to appear on your account.

Q: I no longer wish to receive emails from IndiePubs or the publishers I have purchased from. How can I be removed from their mailing lists?

A: Please follow the unsubscribe links provided in emails from both IndiePubs and the publishers themselves to remove yourself from any emails you no longer wish to receive. 

Q: I meant to apply a promo code to my order, can you refund me the discount?

A: We will only accept promo code discounts if they are applied before the order is completed.

Q: My promo code isn’t working, what should I do?

A: Please contact the person or publisher who provided your promo code to verify it is correct; if you complete your order without the discount being applied, we will not be able to apply it retroactively. 

Q: What if I’ve entered the wrong shipping address on my order? 

A: We cannot correct a shipping address once the order has been placed.

Q: How will IndiePubs charges appear on my statement?

A: Your statement will show a charge from “INDIEPUBS” reflecting the amount paid for your order. 

Q: I live outside the United States and Canada. Can I order a book from IndiePubs?

A: At this time we cannot ship orders outside the United States and Canada. 

Q: I live in Canada, how is duty and tax collected on my order?

A: You are responsible for paying duties and tax at time of delivery through the carrier.

Q: Will sales tax be applied to my order shipping within the United States?  

A: Yes, sales tax will automatically be applied.  Sales tax will be calculated using the tax rates applicable for the shipping address provided with the order. Delaware, Alaska, New Hampshire, Montana, and Oregon do not have a state level sales tax.  

Q: I live in a United States territory, can IndiePubs ship me an order?

A: At this time we cannot ship orders to territories outside the 50 states, District of Columbia, and Canada. 

Q: Can sales tax exemptions be applied to an IndiePubs order? 

A: No, we cannot apply sales tax exemptions to IndiePubs orders at this time.

Q: Can I contact an author of a book I’ve discovered through IndiePubs?

A: IndiePubs cannot provide any author contact information. 

Q: Can IndiePubs provide accessible editions of the titles listed on the site? 

A: IndiePubs can only provide editions of the title listed on the site; if you wish to request an accessible version, please contact the book’s publisher. 

Q: I’m an instructor and would like to request an exam or desk copy, can I do that through IndiePubs?

A: IndiePubs does not process exam/desk copy requests; we would encourage you to contact the publisher of the book in question directly. 

Q: I would like to review a book carried on IndiePubs, can you provide me with a gratis copy?

A: IndiePubs does not provide review copies; we would encourage you to contact the publisher’s publicity department to see if review copies are available. 

Q: I’m an author and would like to order my book through IndiePubs. Can I receive a discount?

A: Please contact your publisher to verify that they provide author discounts via IndiePubs promo codes. If they provide you with an author code, you can use that to order your book at a discounted rate by applying it before placing the order with IndiePubs. 

Q: I’m an author and I would like IndiePubs to sell my book, how can I submit it?

A: IndiePubs only lists titles that are provided by the publishers participating in the site; we do not accept submissions ourselves.